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Young Life camps can make your ski trip experience a positive one!

Even though it's a ski trip, we know it's not all about skiing. By providing excellent facilities, food and service, we help set the table for you to accomplish your goals with your group. You won't have to worry about cooking meals, finding a place for break-out sessions or wondering if anyone's going to be around to help if you have a question about your room.

Our camps are second-to-none — our food is fresh as homemade and our staff is on-call during your stay and will help take care of any unexpected surprises from a forgotten overhead or a bump on the head.

Young Life has several camps located close to ski areas. View a video for each of these camps or visit their camp website to see which one best fits your needs. For more information, give them a call at the number listed on their site.

Or, if you have questions and want more information, please call us at (719) 381-1839. Contact the International Operations office for information on ski trip opportunities outside of the United States.

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