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Crisis. Sometimes it seems like a synonym for adolescence. Anyone who has spent 10 minutes with a teenager would probably agree.
Adolescence by definition is a painful time of personal upheaval and constant change. Unfortunately, many teenagers today are living a crisis within a crisis. While everything inside of them is shifting and unstable, the world around them seems to be falling apart as well.
Now more than ever, kids need caring adults who will stand steady in their often stormy lives. That's what we've been doing in Young Life since 1941. We've been standing steady in kids' lives with the rock solid truth about Jesus. We've been extending the hand of friendship and pulling kids to safety with His love. The Chinese word for "crisis" is made of two characters: danger and opportunity.
Today we have tremendous opportunity to double our reach from one million to two million kids each year. Our motivation is simple: countless kids are in danger of never knowing Jesus.
Learn more about the initiative and how you can help by visiting the RWOK website.
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