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In Young Life we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the pearl of great price, a jewel worthy of the most dazzling display case a person could ever construct! From the first, Young Life camps have been created to be a fitting backdrop for the finest message ever proclaimed. As we embark on the Reaching a World of Kids initiative with the goal of increasing our impact from one to two million kids annually, we are passionate about seeing as many kids as possible experience the love and truth so evident in a week of Young Life camp. As such, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, update and build our camps to better reflect the Gospel. Check back often to see our current and completed projects!

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Construction in Progress

Lake Champion: Pool

Lake Champion is currently utilizing an undersized and outdated pool complex. This complex is significantly undersized and does not meet Young Life or New York state health department standards. The construction budget has been established and approved at 2.67 million dollars. The project has been fully funded and construction will begin September 2016. 

LCH 16 May Pool Complex 36x24.jpg

Saranac Village: 3rd floor main lodge renovation

Renovating the third floor attic will increase the buil​ding square footage as well as the number of camper and leader beds.

Armenia: Dorm Renovation

When completed, these two existing buildings will be remodeled to sleep 200 campers and leaders. Upon opening, the plan is to house campers and leaders in one dorm with 100 beds. the adjacent dorm will be used to house assignment teams, work crew, summer staff, medical providers and adult guests. Structural modifications will be made along with aesthetic improvements to the exterior that will improve energy efficiency and natural light. New building systems including water, sewer, electrical, and HVAC will be installed to support a year round operation.

ARM 16 Apr dorms 3 cropped.jpg
​Malibu Club: Club Room

The existing club room in Big Squawka has been the center of the proclamation since 1954.  Many renovations have been made over the years to make the most of this space; however, it still does not meet Young Life standards. We are concerned about its structural integrity when filling it with 300 to 350 guests at one time.  By building a Young Life style club room and leader's lounge on the large rock outcropping near the gym we will provide proclamation excellence, including stage and storage, a much-needed leader's lounge. The vacated space in Big and Little Squawka will meet our need for expanded game room and camper lounge space.​


Armenia:​ Maintenance Shop

This building will be used to store tools, supplies and camp vehicles.

Armenia: Manager's House

This building will house a staff member and their family.

Completed Construction Projects

Clearwater Cove: Camper Dorms

These are first two 96 dorms included in the Master Plan to house campers and leaders. Dorms have three primary functions: sleeping, showering and meeting. The design for these dorms is a revision of the dorms built at Carolina Point and SharpTop Cove. The exterior architecture has been modified to match that of Clearwater Cove.

CWC 16 Mar dorms b.jpg 

Clearwater Cove: Hub

This building includes the dining hall, kitchen and temporary space for club room, store, snack bar and game room area. In the dining hall, campers are served family-style around circular tables that seat eight. Outdoor decking allows the diners to queue up out of the sun or weather prior to a meal starting or for serving buffet meals.

CWC 16 Mar dining aerial from video.jpg 

Woodleaf: Dorm

The camper housing at Woodleaf was not up to Young Life standards. This new dorm sleeps 48 campers and leaders and provides for a comfortable place for "cabin time". "Cabin time" occurs in the sleeping areas with some campers being on the floor and some sitting on bunks.

WDL Finished Exterior (15).jpg 

Carolina Point: Slick Track

The 777 foot track, ten single driver karts and four double occupancy karts (to serve our Capernaum and YoungLives guests) is ready to run for the 2016 summer camping season. The pits' building has three lanes for the karts. The mountain bike ride is also facilitated out of this building, which allows the added benefit of having one all summer intern in charge of both rides.

CPT 16 Jun Go Karts in action 2.JPG
La Finca: Dorms

Two identical 64-person dorms for campers and leaders have been built over the last few months. These dorms increase camp capacity and provide better quality housing for our guests. The first guest group to use the new facilities will be in July 2016.

​​La Finca:​ Assignment Team Housing

This assignment team house includes dorm rooms an common space on each floor, sleeping 44 persons. The main level includes a kitchenette. This design meets the needs of the ministry to have mostly all assigned team in one location and enough common space for meetings. This building allows us to eliminate a lot of the overflow housing we had been using for assignment team housing.


Armenia: Outdoor Clubroom

The existing outdoor clubroom has now been reroofed. The original structure and roof was stripped, cleaned, painted and reroofed with new metal and the hard work of Expeditions teams and Armenian craftsmen.

Last updated September, 2016.
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