Kinds of Camps

Since its first camp in 1950, Young Life has strengthened its commitment to reaching kids through its world-class camping ministry. Young Life offers several different kinds of camps in order to reach every kid:

High School

This is the original camp experience for high school kids, with time-tested approaches to fun, adventure and the Gospel.

Camps for middle school kids, tailored specifically to the stage of life that they are in.
Ministry to kids with disabilities/ This camp experience is customized to be the best week of our Capernaum friends' lives.

Serving kids around the world at Young Life camps and Camps on Wheels, making sure every kid gets a chance to camp!
This camp experience is especially for teen moms and their babies.
Often, when a kid has been to camp before, their next excursion will be to an Adventure camp with their leaders.
Young Life has one camp reserved for family camp experiences, and several others that host weekends throughout the summer.
Kids serve Young Life in the far corners of the world or in their own backyards with service projects through Young Life Expeditions.
This experience is often a weekend put on by local areas during the school year, where kids get a taste of summer camp.
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