Health Consent & Release Forms

Form Number & Name Form Description
1716 - Consent Release for Young Life Activity Allows Young Life to take a child, who is ill or injured in a Young Life activity, to the nearest medical facility or healthcare provider to administer the necessary treatment.
1734 - Waiver Release and Indemnification Form Releases Young Life from all actions, suits, claims or demands related to injury or death from activities in which the participant voluntarily participates. Available in Spanish.
1738 - Consent Form for Medical Treatment in Canada Because Malibu club is outside the United States, this form allows Canadian doctors to treat participants under Canadian guidelines.
1853 - Permission to Leave Camp Early via Plane For the parent or legal guardian to complete to grant permission for a child to leave camp early via plane.
1854 - Permission to Drive to Camp Must be signed by a parent or guardian if a kids will be driving to camp using a personal vehicle or riding with someone other than the Young Life group.
1855 - Permission for a Camper to Leave Camp Early When it is necessary for a camper to be picked up early from the camp, use this form to get the parents' or guardians' permission.
1900 - Photo Release Form Gives permission to use photographs for Young Life purposes. Available in English and Spanish.
6007 - Camping Health Consent and Release Form Used to gather pertinent information in the case of accident or illness at camp. Available in English and Spanish.
6009 - Guest Consent Release Form for Outside Groups Using Young Life Camp In the event of an accident or illness, Young Life needs the information on this form from all guests at a Young Life camp..
6000 - Adult Guest Registration Adult guest or area staff person may complete this form for a stay at a camp.
6012 - Adult Guest Host Resume Allows prospective adult guest hosts to indicate their interest and to submit necessary information.
​6046 - Adult Guest Evaluation​ ​​Requested from each adult guest at the end of their stay. The link may be emailed to guests after their stay.
6032 - Adult Guest Host Evaluation​ ​This form is to be completed by the adult guest host at the end of the camp week. And will automatically be routed to the camp manager, administrative manager, camping coordinator and development staff.
6011 - Camp Physician Program Application  Use to apply to serve as a physician at camp.
6003 - Application for Summer Staff Applicants who are at least a college freshman, complete this application form to work as summer staff at a camp.
6004 - Staff Recommendation for Summer Staff This recommendation must be completed by a Young Life staff member in order for someone to participate on summer staff.
6005 - Application for Work Crew Any high school student wishing to be on work crew during the summer must complete this application.
6006 - Staff Recommendation for Work Crew This recommendation must be completed by a Young Life staff member in order for a kid to participate on work crew.
6048 - Young Life Camp Health Consent and Release Form for YoungLives Infants & Toddlers Used to gather pertinent information on infants and toddlers in the case of accident or illness at a YoungLives camp.

*Forms and policies for camps outside of the United States vary based on the country, so be sure and check with your country staff person for more information.
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