Family Camps

Young Life offers two options for families wishing to attend camp:

Option One: Week-long Family Camp at Trail West

As Young Life's only dedicated Family Camp, Trail West has three objectives: 
    1. To enable individuals and families to experience Jesus Christ in a way that is spiritually refreshing.
    2. To enjoy a remarkable family vacation.
    3. To learn more about the mission of Young Life.
In other words, we want to provide a family vacation experience that’s not only fun, but deeply meaningful as well. Each day is filled with programming that involves the whole family, with the sole purpose of bringing the family together in playful activities. At night, our families attend a "club" which includes music, songs, mixers, skits and a short, relevant message of God's love for us, expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ. The message is given in a clear and winsome way, which kids and adults alike can appreciate and enjoy.

For more information on our Family Camp experience at Trail West, you can order a brochure by calling us at 719-395-2477 or sending us an email.

Option Two: Weekend Family Camps

The other option is for your family to attend one of the many Young Life family camp weekends held around the United States. These vary greatly in dates and locations, and the best way to find out more is to contact your local or nearest Young Life office.


Use the Locator to find the area, regional or divisional office nearest you, or you can contac​t the Young Life Service Center at 877-438-9572 for assistance.

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