Capernaum Camping

Since its first camp in 1950, Young Life has strengthened its commitment to reaching kids through its world-class camping ministry. At camp, Capernaum gives young people with disabilities an atmosphere of high adventure with one-on-one attention from a leader.
Set in the scenery of God’s amazing creation, our Capernaum friends experience a week filled with excitement, fun, new opportunities and the message of Jesus Christ and His unconditional love for them. Since they have one-on-one attention all week, they get to participate in as many of the activities as possible including horseback riding, mountain climbing and swimming, just to name a few. Because these young adults often attend camp at the same time as their able-bodied peers, all who attend are significantly impacted in a wonderful way.
From Colorado to the Ukraine to Costa Rica, Young Life camp provides the opportunity and environment for young people with disabilities to open up and share their struggles, fears and thoughts about God.
Capernaum camping offers volunteers a rich opportunity to serve kids with disabilities as they experience the best week of their lives. Referred to as "buddies," these volunteers offer assistance and companionship to campers as they ride zip lines, swim, attend club or just hang out. To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, contact a Capernaum coordinator. ​​​

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