Camping Summer Interns

Summer interns play a critical role in the Young Life summer camping ministry by providing valuable leadership and work experience in many departments including the kitchen, office, guest services, maintenance and landscape.

The specific positions vary from camp to camp. Check out individual camp websites for more details.


Summer intern candidates should:

  • Be actively seeking to know and serve Christ in Young Life or another ministry.
  • Have had a positive previous experience on work crew or summer staff.
  • Be available to serve the duration of the summer camping season.

How to Apply

  1. Contact the camp to see which positions are open. 
  2. Apply online. The online application system will be offline from October 1 to November 1. You may submit an application, but the camp(s) will not have access to your application until November 1.
  3. Contact 719-381-1844 with questions.
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