6048 - Release Form for YoungLives Infants-Toddlers

Every individual attending a Young Life summer camp (campers, leaders, volunteers, adult guests, etc.) must submit a completed health and consent form, providing the camp with important medical and insurance information in the event of an accident or illness. The health and consent form must be completed before departure for camp.
Physician’s Signature Requirement
The following individuals must print the health and consent form and obtain a physicians’ signature. The printed form must be submitted to the trip leader prior to departure for camp.
  • Anyone attending camp in Colorado or Minnesota.
  • Anyone attending Beyond Malibu.
  • Any teen who is pregnant or has given birth within 12 weeks of the camp date
Contact Young Life Camping with any questions –  or call 719-381-1844.
Individuals attending YoungLives camp, must submit the appropriate PDF form.
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