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In Young Life we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the pearl of great price, a jewel worthy of the most dazzling display case a person could ever construct! From the first, Young Life camps have been created to be a fitting backdrop for the finest message ever proclaimed. As we embark on the Reaching a World of Kids initiative with the goal of increasing our impact from one to two million kids annually, we are passionate about seeing as many kids as possible experience the love and truth so evident in a week of Young Life camp. As such, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, update and build our camps to better reflect the Gospel. Check back often to see our current and completed projects!

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Construction in Progress

Frontier Ranch:​ Assignment Team Housing

LCH 16 May Pool Complex 36x24.jpg

Clearwater Cove: Dorm 3

Castaway Club:​ Ketch Assignment Team Housing

ARM 16 Apr dorms 3 cropped.jpg
Carolina Point:​ Gym ARM 16 Apr dorms 3 cropped.jpg
Carolina Point:​ Office ARM 16 Apr dorms 3 cropped.jpg
Timber Wolf Lake:​ Doctor's Lodge ARM 16 Apr dorms 3 cropped.jpg
Pico Escondido:​ Dining and Club picoclub.dining.jpg

Completed Construction Projects

​Malibu Club: Club Room

The existing club room in Big Squawka has been the center of the proclamation since 1954.  Many renovations have been made over the years to make the most of this space; however, it still does not meet Young Life standards. We are concerned about its structural integrity when filling it with 300 to 350 guests at one time.  By building a Young Life style club room and leader's lounge on the large rock outcropping near the gym we will provide proclamation excellence, including stage and storage, a much-needed leader's lounge. The vacated space in Big and Little Squawka will meet our need for expanded game room and camper lounge space.​


Clearwater Cove: Office

CWC 16 Mar dining aerial from video.jpg 
Southwind: Dorm - The Roost


WDL Finished Exterior (15).jpg 

Southwind: Dorms - The Cove & The Reef

CPT 16 Jun Go Karts in action 2.JPG
Washington Family Ranch, Creekside: Dorm E - Eagle Ridge


​​Washington Family Ranch, Creekside: Snack/Games Building


Washington Family Ranch, Canyon: CUP


Washington Family Ranch, Canyon: Store/Infirmary ARMOutdoorClubroom.jpg
Washington Family Ranch, Canyon: Plaza ARMOutdoorClubroom.jpg

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