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On a typical opening day at a Young Life camp, buses stream in and high school kids pile out, greeted by work crew kids singing and cheering. For the next several days, the high schoolers spread all over the camp and make it their own: diving into activities like speeding down zip lines, climbing around ropes courses, going horseback riding, water-skiing, rock-wall climbing, and hanging out in the snack bar and game room.

Every night the campers pour into a spacious club room to sing, watch outlandish skits, and hear a message about Jesus Christ and His purpose for their life. And during free time, they relax in a place that welcomes and accepts them for who they are, hanging out with their friends and stealing moments to talk to their leaders about the things they have heard during club.
At Young Life camp, high school kids take a break from it all and simply get to be kids. They step back from their daily routines and not only reflect on who God is, but taste how big His love is for them.
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