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  • How can I send my child to a Young Life camp? 
    • Planning and camper reservations for Young Life camp trips are carried out by Young Life staff who work in a local Young Life area office. To find out information about Young Life in your city or town, use our Locator to search for your local area office by city or ZIP or the closest regional office by ZIP. These local staff will have the best and most current information for you about how to sign up for camp. A majority of the campers who attend Young Life or WyldLife camp are involved with Young Life activities in their hometown throughout the year.
  • Where are Young Life camps located?
    • Young Life owns and operates camps all around the world. To view a map with all camp locations and contact information for each camp, go to our Find a Camp map. There are websites listed at this location for most camps which often include driving directions to each of the camps.
  • I have questions about special arrangements for travel to/from camp. Whom should I contact?   
    • Visit our Contact Our Camps page to contact the camp directly and either visit the website or contact the camp by phone. They can also answer questions about directions to the camp, facilities and their yearly calendar.
  • My child is currently at camp and there’s a family emergency. How do I contact him or her?
    • Visit our Contact Our Camps page. Choose the camp that your child is attending and call the office directly. If you don’t know which camp to contact, you can call your local Young Life office or call the Young Life Camping office for more assistance at 719-381-1844.
  • My child is going to a Young Life camp. Can I make a payment toward her camp trip online? 
    • Yes. Just go to payments.younglife.org and do a search for the camp trip that your child will be going on. Once you've located the trip, select  "Make Payment." Please be sure to indicate which camper your payment is for.
  • How can I communicate with my child while he or she is at camp?
    • There are several ways to contact your child while he or she is at camp. You can send messages to your child via phone, e-mail, fax, postal mail and package shipments. The first step is to go to Contact our Camps and find the camp your child is attending. Listed, there will be phone, address, website and fax numbers. Send the mail marked with your child’s name, area where his or her Young Life / WyldLife group is located and the trip leader’s name. Please make sure that you take into account time for shipment so that packages and flat mail arrive while your child is still at camp.
  • Can a non-Young Life group (such as a church group) use a Young Life camp?
    • Yes! During the school year months, there are often openings during the week and weekends for other organizations to use Young Life facilities. To find out if the camp is available during the time your group needs facilities, please contact the specific camp you are interested in to find out about availability, regulations, price and accommodations. During the summer months, most of our camps are being used by Young Life groups; however, on occasion there are exceptions, so be sure to call the specific camp’s office.
  • What makes Young Life camping different from other camping programs?
    • In Young Life, high school and middle school students go to our camps during the summer (and in many cases on weekends during the school year) with their Young Life leader, who is also their friend and mentor. Young Life leaders, who accompany students to camp, are trained and selected on the local level by Young Life paid staff, who work out of a local area office. All the planning and details that come together in order for the area to attend camp are in the hands of the local staff who keep parents and kids informed about the trip.
    • Throughout the year, Young Life leaders volunteer their time during the week at high school sports games and afternoon activities — getting to know students as friends. Once a week, students get together at a meeting/activity called “club.” With these experiences as the backdrop, kids are invited to camp by their leaders, along with their friends, for the “best week of their lives.”
    • Young Life camping is designed to be a component of the entire mission of mentoring and not simply an isolated instance or experience. Kids come home at the end of the camp week, and their leaders are still there with them and a part of their lives.
    • While they are at Young Life camp, these kids get the experience of resort-style facilities and adventure where every day is a surprise and the activities are new, exciting and challenging.
  • I am a professional musician and am interested in playing at a Young Life camp. Who should I speak with about opportunities?
    • Camp musician positions are filled according to the discretion and recommendation of Young Life staff who work in communities with high school and middle school students. When a camp director chooses to have a camp musician as part of the assigned team, the camp director works with others to select a musician, and they form a contract for their time. For more information about these opportunities please contact the camp manager for the camp and specific session during which you are interested in performing.
  • I am interested in working at a Young Life camp. How do I find out about current openings?
    • During the summer there are numerous volunteer positions available for anyone high school age to grandparent age. As a volunteer you can serve on work crew (high school), summer staff (college age and up) and, as an adult (and doctor), you can participate in the Camp Physician Program. Information about all of these opportunities can be found in the 'Volunteer' section.
    • If you are interested in paid or career positions working on staff at a Young Life camp, please see our Job Opportunities section. Positions are listed according to the camp. Applications for these positions are accepted online through the apply now tool.
  • I am currently in high school or college and interested in volunteering during the summer at a Young Life camp. How can I apply?
    • In the Volunteer section, you will find information about serving as work crew (high school) or summer staff (college aged or older). If you are applying for work crew, you may download an application at this location. If you are applying for summer staff, you may fill out and submit the application online. In both instances, it is important to include a reference or have someone fill out a recommendation for your application. Preferably, this individual should be someone who knows you and is currently on Young Life staff.
  • Does Young Life hire summer camp counselors?
    • In a simple answer, no. Campers who attend Young Life camps are invited to camp and accompanied by their Young Life leaders — friends and mentors who have built relationships with them in their hometown. Young Life leaders fill the role of traditional counselors at camp. 
    • If you are interested in volunteering as a Young Life or WyldLife leader during the year and taking kids to camp as their leader during the summer, contact your local area Young Life office for more information. If you are in high school or are college age (or older) and wish to volunteer at a Young Life camp during the summer, please see the 'Volunteer' section to find information on summer staff or work crew as well as applications and directions for applying.
  • Are medical professionals available to my child while he or she is at camp?
    • All camps are staffed with at least one licensed medical professional. All of Young Life’s camps — with the exception of two — are 30 minutes or less from a hospital. Therefore, these two camps are staffed by two physicians and one emergency medical technician. For more information, please see Keeping Kids Safe at Camp.
  • I am a physician and would like more information about serving as a camp physician at a Young Life camp during the summer. Where can I find information?
    • Our Young Life camps host camp physicians for one week assignments during the summer while they are serving Young Life campers. There are facilities available for housing physician families who volunteer for the week at all camps that have a Camp Physician Program. 
    • Please contact a camp directly to find out about their openings for the summer. The camp physicians page contains more information and an application that can be downloaded. For more information about opportunities outside of the United States, please contact the International Operations office.
  • What are the opportunities for adults to visit a Young Life camp?
    • Several camps host adults as visitors through the Adult Guest Program, which includes high quality accommodations for the week as you experience a behind-the-scenes view of what Young Life camping is all about. Included are all of your meals throughout the week, opportunities to participate in many of the activities around camp and chances to interact with staff and guests at the camp and to see kids during the best week of their lives. Many adults walk away from this experience feeling they had the best week of their lives as well. It offers an opportunity for a fresh perspective to consider ways to be involved with Young Life ministry in your area when you return home.
  • Where can I learn more about the facilities and programs at a Young Life camp?
    • Go to the Contact Our Camps link in the Camping section and select the camp you are interested in exploring. You can then choose to either visit their website or contact them by phone. Each camp’s website contains a great deal of information about their facilities, capacity, pricing and contact information for booking. For any further questions, please e-mail or call the camp directly.
  • Are there paying summer jobs at Young Life camps?
    • Most positions are filled on a volunteer basis. Those who participate on work crew and summer staff serve for one month-long session, and concessions are room and boarding only. These volunteers make their own arrangements for transportation to and from camp. 
    • Please contact the camp at which you are interested in working and they will walk you through the hiring process. Previous work crew, summer staff or other camping experience is strongly recommended. 
    • For information on working at a camp outside of the United States, contact the International Operations office.
  • Are you prepared to deal with Influenza A (including H1N1) at one of your camps?
    • Young Life has anticipated and is prepared to deal with cases of the flu among campers attending our camps. Our first goal is to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for all campers, leaders, work crew, summer staff and camp staff. To that end, camp staff and health professionals are committed to working closely with local and state Department of Health officials if and when flu cases are identified. Staff outside of the United States are expected to follow Young Life protocols as well as the recommendations of local health officials for the country hosting the camp.
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