Bible Reading Plan

Where do I start?

These reading plans are especially for those who have recently begun a relationship with Christ or are considering beginning a relationship with Christ.

  • Plan 1: An overview of Jesus' life and what His friends accomplished after he departed.
  • Plan 2: Other great chapters in the Bible.

How do I read the Bible?

  • Read God’s Word.
  • Think about what it means.
  • Resolve to apply it.
  • Pray for yourself and others.
  • Tell the Lord how much you love Him.​
What questions should I ask?
  • What do I learn about Jesus?
  • What do I learn about myself?
  • What do I need to act on, change, or be thankful for?

Get Started

You can access the plans from your computer or smart phone from YouVersion. YouVersion provides access to the Bible nearly anywhere.

Click a Reading Plan link below.

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